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Teaching in Spring 2017

Natural Language Processing (MTAT.06.045)
NLP seminar (MTAT.06.046)
NLP research project (MTAT.06.047)
Intelligent systems (MTAT.06.048)
Computational Semantics (MTAT.06.057)

Recently read courses

Artificial Intelligence I (MTAT.06.008)
Evaluation of Intelligent Systems (MTAT.06.058)
Machine translation (MTAT.06.055)
Natural language processing in Python (MTAT.03.311)
Seminar on Language Technology (MTAT.06.046)
Special Assignment in Language Technology (MTAT.06.047)
Special Course in Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning (MTAT.03.317)
Mathematics for Computational Linguists I (MTAT.06.019)
Language Technology (MTAT.06.045)
Rule-Based Machine Translation (MTAT.06.056)
Intelligent Systems (MTAT.06.048)
Syntactic Theories and Models (MTAT.06.031)
Mathematics for Computational Linguists II (MTAT.06.020)