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We readily collaborate with industrial partners and the public sector. Our fields of expertise are machine translation, language resources, analysis of Estonian texts and natural language processing in general. Current and previous collaborations:

  • Automatic summarization of podcasts, February - August 2018
    The project aims at automatically finding the most important / relevant parts of an podcast and generate its short audio summary. The project is a collaboration with Snackable Inc. and the TUT lab of language technology.
  • Machine translation for technical texts, February 2016 - June 2018
    The aim of this collaboration with the translation agency Grata OÜ is to develop machine translation systems for translating technical text from English and German into Estonian. Statistical methods as well as deep learning inside. Not so well translated press release. Stay tuned for the final results!
  • Semu: semantic relatedness and paraphrasing, October 2016 - January 2018
    The aim of this industrial collaboration project is to automatically learn semantic relatedness in order to generate new paraphases. The project is supported by Enterprise Estonia.
  • Automatic extraction of compensation information from English texts, January - June 2017
    This project was a collaboration with a private contractor. The point was to automatically extract salary and compensation information from English text. This was done with rules and automatic text analysis.