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Thesis topics 2017-2018

You can find a list of already defended theses here.
This is a list of thesis topics currently offered by our research group. If you have and idea of your own, you're welcome to talk about it to one of our researchers; another place to find available thesis topics is int the ICS Graduation Theses Topics Registry.

Machine learning/data engineering

  • “Machine learning of temporal relations” (bak/mag),siim.orasmaa at
  • "Systematic comparison of previously proposed feature sets for predicting Alzheimer’s from speech transcripts”, kairit.sirts at
  • "Evaluating the morphological properties of word embeddings with analogy tests on many languages”, kairit.sirts at
  • "Text generation with neural networks", fishel at

Resources and engineering

Machine translation

  • "Reeglipõhine masintõlge, Apertiumi platvormil", heiki-jaan.kaalep at



  • “Eestikeelne suhtlusliides arvuti operatsioonisüsteemi jaoks” (bak/mag), neeme.kahusk at