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Things you can try out yourself

Neural machine translation

Automatic translation between English and Estonian, based on neural networks. Some results are useful, other results are more amusing: see for yourself

Automatic morph. analysis of Estonian

What is the plural partitive of "riistvara"? The Estonian morphological synthesizer will tell you.

How to lemmatize, tag and analyze Estonian text? The Estonian morphological analyzer knows!


or Estonian WordNet, a network of meanings and their relations. Start for example from the word keel (tongue? language? string? all of them!)

Student project demos

Learning Estonian inflections
Anneliis Halling, 2016 (bachelor thesis)

Learning Estonian sign language
Ann Lember, 2016 (bachelor thesis)

Notation program for visually impaired
Liis Mäeots , 2017 (bachelor thesis)

MusicDots, transforming musical notes into Braille
Mari-Liis Oruste , 2017 (bachelor thesis)

EstWNvis, visualizing Estonian WordNet
Elina Pankrašin , 2017 (bachelor thesis)

Text simplification
Martin Peedosk, 2017 (bachelor thesis)