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Estonian<->English neural machine translation,
automatic analysis and synthesis of Estonian,
a huge Estonian text corpus with 1.5 billion words,
other online demos and resources.

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Automatic text processing, translation, generation -- check out our collaborations; you might also like our research projects.

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We are the natural language processing chair and research group of the computer science institute at the University of Tartu. We work on linguistic resources, semantic networks and representations, machine translation, syntax and morphology.


  • We are taking part in organizing the WMT news translation shared task, specifically the sub-tracks on multilingual and unsupervised translation
  • Our courses in the Spring term 2018: Computational Semantics (MTAT.06.057), NLP seminar (MTAT.06.046) and special assignment (MTAT.06.047), also Keeletehnoloogia (NLP, in Estonian) for undergraduate students.